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The company Themis & Sons has been established since 2000, and has its beginnings in Greece on the island of Kefalonia. This company consists of 50 employees headed by its director Themi veso together with his two sons.In this company, various works were done from construction, such as, stone work, renovation, paving, construction, driveway, tiles, paving of asphalt roads, etc. Almost 80% of the works on this island were built by our company Themis & sons. For example, paved roads, asphalt, stone slabs. Reconstructed bridges with stone slabs, houses also built with stones, reconstruction of hotels, etc. Themis & sons company continued its expansion here in London. With one of the sons of Themis & sons Andrea veso.Andrea has an experience of 15 years in the general field of construction. And in his company there are 20 workers in the general field of construction. 
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Andrea Veso​

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